Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Product Review Tomorrow - The Polka Dot Daisy

So tomorrow I will have my review of a necklace I received from the This company and its owner is just amazing to work with. And the jewelry is beautiful. It will be a perfect review to release on Valentine's Day since you can get necklaces featuring your loved ones! My necklace now holds my son's photo and I proudly wear it often.
Check back in tomorrow for a picture of my photo necklace and the review.
I hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day - mine will be spent mostly with my littlest love - my son!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fighting With Sciatica

It's been a couple days since blogging due to getting bit by the flu bug! But also as I was just getting over the flu it looks like I pinched my sciatic nerve. Not good!
Wednesday was a day filled with unbearable pain. No matter what position I tried, I could not get relief. I couldn't sit, stand, bend, walk ... oh it was just awful. I found out it was sciatica after going to the doctor later in the day. Now I'm supposed to be getting phyiscal therapy for it, but since my insurance doesn't cover any therapist in my town - only covering a doctor ONE HOUR away - I opted for a chiropractor. Hopefully after a few more sessions next week I will be back to my normal self.
Since I can't sit for long periods of time, I can't be online as much either. Oh, and guess what else I can't do for the next few days ... lift my son, carry a laundry basket, bend down to pick up stuff off the floor or vacuum. How easy is this going to be with a 3-year-old son??! Not easy at all.
My house is a mess and it's all I can do not to bend over to pick things up and put them in their place. I'm going to go crazy before this is all over :)
I guess one good thing that will come out of this is ... I'll definitely be motivated and ready to clean and tidy up once I'm given the go ahead!

Final Day to Enter

Today is the final day to enter the Monogrammed Roll Neck Sweater giveaway! For details just read to the post below that includes the adorable picture of my son wearing his monogrammed sweater! I am taking entried until midnight EST tonight. I will announce the winner on Monday right here on my blog!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Recipes For Mommy and Me

Announcing a new benefit to adding My Little Monkey Boutique as one of your favorite pages, and subscribing to our newsletter - I have added a new page of Recipes that are perfect for Mom and Child to do together.

These easy recipe ideas range from desserts, appetizers and sandwiches to salads and soups. They are super easy to do, making it a fun time to spend with your child. I am collecting the recipes and offering them free to you - just click on the Mom&Me Recipe link in the navigation bar.

I will also be including one recipe idea in each newsletter from now on! If anyone has any recipes they would like to share, please send them to me using the Contact Us page at I will include your name and a website link if you have one!

In addition to the recipe page, we recently added several informational E-books just for mom that focus on dreaded tasks such as getting and staying organized, and time management. I have found these Ebooks very helpful when using them in my day to day activities. We all know it can be tough staying organized with a baby or toddler crawling or running around!

My Little Monkey Boutique also offers its Moms Getaway Forum that offers product reviews from moms, general chit chat, advice and tips and so much more! To join the Mom's Getaway Forum click HERE.

Everyone who signs up for the Moms Getaway Forum before Dec.12 will get a $5 off coupon on any item in My Little Monkey Boutique!

My Little Monkey Boutique is always looking for new ways to make our site more user friendly and informational to our guests and customers. Our current project that we will be releasing soon is a baby/toddler photo contest. We hope to open our photo contest up in the next week or two - to be one of the first to be alerted to its opening, just sign up for our newsletter on the home page!

Thanks to all our customers that believe in us and support us!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Your Baby Can Read on Ellen Show!

The Your Baby Can Read DVD program will be featuring on Ellen Monday, Nov. 5 at 3 p.m. CST!

SAVE 10% and get FREE shipping at My Little Monkey Boutique.

This is an amazing program geared toward helping small chidren learn to read. I use it with my own son and have noticed great progress in his vocabulary. Not to mention, he just really likes the videos!

In the DVD set, you get 5 DVDs and 5 double side flashcards, including an erasable pen and blank flashcard to fill in your own words.

Get it at before Sunday, Nov. 11 and get FREE shipping on this item! I am also offering a 10% discount on your entire purchase with the coupon code WAHM10. What a great way to get this educational reading program for your child - on SALE!


These videos allow the children to see the language at the same time they hear the language in a fun, interactive way. The videos use animals, other young children, and songs that are interesting to young children.

The main idea behind the videos is that we try to help the children develop an association between the written words, their sounds, and their meanings. Over time, the babies figure out enough of these associations so that they learn the sounds that the letters make.

The children are allowed to see the words at the same time that they hear the words. Since children learn language faster and easier during infancy than any other time, we take advantage of this window of opportunity to learn written language as well as spoken language. So, the infants are able to see and hear words instead of simply hearing the words.

Additionally, we encourage the babies to participate by saying the words and by doing physical actions that help the children learn the meanings of the words. We encourage the babies and toddlers to clap, wave, point, touch body parts, and so on. This kind of interactive, multi-sensory learning has been shown to be superior to simply presenting the information in one sensory modality and it is more fun!

Ellen will feature an interview with one of the children who learned to read using the program as a baby. He is now 5 years-old and is reading at an amazing level.

Order At My Little Monkey Boutique:

You can get the Your Baby Can Read DVD set with flashcards here at My Little Monkey Boutique. And if you order before Sunday, Nov. 11th you will get FREE shipping!

Plus, use our 10% off discount code (WAHM10) for even more savings!

Take this opportunity to learn more about this extraordinary program - watch Ellen Monday then come back to make your order here!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Articles Added to My Boutique

I have updated my Articles page at My Little Monkey Boutique with a new article focusing on Planning a Stress Free Holiday Party or Event. The article discusses planning for events early, shopping online for birthday and Christmas presents, hosting parties at home and cleaning up afterward.

I hope you enjoy reading it and take some information from it.

My plan is to introduce a new article geared toward moms every few weeks. Articles will discuss topics important to moms with babies and toddlers as well as young children. Topics include time management, gift giving, and more!

I hope you can take a few minutes to check out the Articles page and if you have any suggestions for articles please feel free to contact me using the contact form.

Welcome to My Blog

Well I have finally opened my online baby boutique after months of thought on whether I should do it or not. I have been selling on Ebay for several years and just got tired of paying the fees that keep increasing by the moment.

With my store, I hope to be able to offer customers something a little out of the ordinary - A sweet keepsake for a special family member. Since I am a writer by trade, and have been for the past 10 years, I thought I'd start this blog.

Be sure to check in often. I will discuss topics of concern to moms, offer store specials, and advice, maybe even a funny story or two. In the meantime, look around my store,, and if you see something that catches your eye, feel free to email me with questions.